United Nations Days & Years Meditation Initiative

UN Year Meditation Outlines

The General Assembly of the United Nations often chooses more than one theme for observance in any particular year.


Meditations for all themes being observed in 2014 will shortly be on-line. Check below to see what is currently available:


At any given time several themes are observed in special Decades. These themes are shown on the UN Calendar.

Meditation Outlines


Suggested meditation outlines are available on this site for each of the International Year themes — please feel free to use these, adapt them, or develop your own meditations and prayers. For a variety of ways of using the suggested meditation outlines see the Participation in UN Days & Years Meditation Initiative section on this site. There are also Guidelines for those New to Meditation.

For information on the prayer which is used in these meditation outlines (The Great Invocation) please click here.


What's New

2014 is being observed by United Nations as: Year of Family Farming; Year of Small Island Developing States; Year of Crystallography; and Year of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. Check out meditations for all these themes and a full list of dates for the 2014 UN calendar.

Monthly message 'Please Hold in the Light' - highlighting forthcoming UN Days and major international conferences is available here. To receive these messages by email write: info@intuition-in-service.org with 'Newsletter' in subject line.


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