UN Days Meditation Outline

Individuals and groups can help to make UN Days more effective through meditation and prayer. Click here for information on the UN Days in the current month and suggestions on how to participate in this Initiative. Use this meditation to support specific United Nations Days or Weeks as listed in the United Nations Calendar.

Sit comfortably, alert and with the spine erect. Breathe quietly and regularly. Raise your consciousness to the centre between the eyebrows and without strain hold this focus.



What's New

2015 is being observed by United Nations as: International Year of Light and Light-based technologies and International Year of Soils. Check out meditations for all these themes and a full list of dates for the 2015 UN calendar.

Monthly message 'Please Hold in the Light' - highlighting forthcoming UN Days and major international conferences is available here. To receive these messages by email write: info@intuition-in-service.org with 'Newsletter' in subject line.


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